Tiny home.

Big life.

Tiny homes have tiny price tags compared to conventional homes. The money you save can be used on improving your lifestyle and enjoying financial freedom.

Affordable and attainable in today’s housing market means “living large with less”.


Upsizing Lifestyles can help you to find your dream space whether it’s urban, rural, or in a resort setting.

If you work from home or are retired, you will have greater options to choose from.

Maybe you have a lot, or perhaps you need a lot? We can help you to start living large in a tiny home.


Have you ever considered living in the backyard of family, friend, neighbour, or someone who likes the idea of sharing their space?

Whether you’re interested in sharing your lot, or have a place in mind, give us a call.


Upsizing Lifestyles is working with various stakeholders to develop lifestyle communities of tiny/small homes geared to specific demographics.

Own acreage? Want to join our growing list? Reach out today.


Choosing one of our ‘Commons’ delivers a form of co-living which aims to unite individuals who share similar values.

  • Cost Effective ~ dramatically reduces living expense
  • Practical ~ house maintenance less time, and cost is shared
  • Family / friend feel ~ provides a sense of community
  • Your space ~ private room and bath, shared living space

Why choose Upsizing Lifestyles?

We are a 4th generation enterprise in land development and new home construction spanning 100+ years.

We make attainable housing solutions our priority through honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Collaboration enables us to suggest viable solutions to address wants, needs, and desires. 

Our relationships in the private/public sectors helps solve today’s housing challenges.

Expertise in health, housing, and ‘living large with less’, helps you make informed decisions. 

Our architects design our tiny homes with ingenuity, modern amenities, and soothing environments.

We are compliant with the Ontario Building Code, and municipal new home construction processes.

We stand behind our name as hard working citizens devoted to serving others with tiny homes at affordable prices.

About Us

Upsizing Lifestyles Inc., a Canadian real estate development company operating in Ontario and New Brunswick, serves to realize your dream of owning a tiny/small attainable/accessible home.

Our homes balance safety, cutting edge features, and a positive atmosphere for homeowners. We provide unmatched levels of customer service and attention to detail.

We are happy to discuss your specific needs.