Presently we are concentrating in the Provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick, two beautiful spaces each with their own beauty and reasons for living there.

Why Live in Ontario?

Ontario is the heart of finance in Canada. While Ontario living is fast-paced, the diversity between nature and culture draws people here as does the abundance of job opportunities.

Job Opportunities
Due to the
many types of industries here, there are many job opportunities. Ontario is the core of the economy of Canada. Hence the cities of Ontario are providing work opportunities to the people who are living there.

Cost of Housing
In Ontario the lifestyle and living standards are high. Cost of housing is also high. However, people living in Ontario earn above the international average rating. Ontario has the third-largest manufacturing industry in the world with most employees working here.

Ontario captures the hearts of tourists and residents alike with its  beautiful surroundings. Parks, forests, and beautiful greeneries throughout. Here, famous Niagara Falls and 250,000 lakes on its landscape with 1/5th of the pure water lying on the surface.

Why Live in New Brunswick?

There is no doubt that New Brunswick is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The laid back easygoing life that is important to the people who live here, mean that you don’t ever feel like you are living each day at a hundred miles per hour with the weight of your world on your shoulders.

Cost of Housing
It is said that NB housing costs are the most affordable than in any other province. While affordable housing is evident in larger cities of NB, even more affordable housing is found outside cities.

Friendly People
One of the most daunting parts about moving to a new place is not knowing anyone there. It can be hard to make friends or become part of your new local community. NB is known to have very friendly, helping, and welcoming residents, making the whole process so much easier.

Around eighty percent of NB is made up of forest, that feature beautiful camping spots, plenty of hiking trails, and landscape after landscape that takes your breath away. You will never grow tired of seeing some of the best things that nature has to display.